Welcome to Incredible Vegetables…We grow perennial vegetables, Andean tubers & Skirrets

We grow heirloom, long forgotten & perennial vegetables – Andean tubers, Skirrets and vegetables from around the world. We grow everything using organic methods in Ashburton, Devon. Our new online shop is now open where you can buy perennial vegetable seeds, plants and tubers. Mandy Barber is a regular contributor to GROW YOUR OWN MAGAZINE and gives talks about perennial vegetables. Mandy was a speaker at the 2016 EDIBLE GARDEN SHOW at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire www.theediblegardenshow.co.uk Our Incredible Vegetables Skirret Crowns made an appearance on TV – they were featured by Monty Don on Gardeners’ World on 22 April 2016 (episode 7) more info here BBC GARDENERS’ WORLD

Our fantastic Ulluco harvest …

Brightly coloured Ulluco tubers grown in Ashburton Devon.
The brightly coloured tubers from our December 2015 Ulluco harvest. Seed tubers will be on sale from Jan 2016.

Skirrets – Incredible Vegetables skirrets make a guest appearance – featured by Monty Don on Gardeners’ World 22 April 2016

Freshly harvested skirret roots
A freshly harvested skirret plant. After just two years quite an abundance of sweet and tasty roots to eat.

Check out our brilliant Vegumentary…

Mandy Barber takes you on a tour of her vegetable garden and shares some of her passion for growing unusual and perennial vegetables, talking about skirrets, cardoons, chinese artichokes, Ulluco & Oca tubers, tomatillos, yard long beans and more.

Perennial vegetables, Chinese Artichoke, Ulluco and Skirrets
Some of our favourite perennial vegetables we love to grow