Ulluco Tubers - Ullucus Tuberosus

Ulluco – Ullucus Tuberosus

OUR ULLUCO HAS NOW SOLD OUT FOR THIS YEAR – BACK IN STOCK JANUARY 2018. Please email us at info@incrediblevegetables.co.uk if you want to be notified when back in stock. Ten varieties will be on offer again in 2018. Ulluco are an Andean root tuber crop and the plants produce beautiful, vividly coloured small edible tubers in a range of colours including, red, purple, orange, green, white and pink. They are grown and cooked in a similar way to a potato, but tolerate a narrower range of climate conditions than a potato and need a long growing season. They have been grown for thousands of years on the higher elevations of the Andes of South America. They are members of the plant family Basellaceae which includes Malabar spinach. All parts of the plants are edible and their succulent leaves can be used like spinach. Outside of their native region of South America they are very much an experimental crop. Ulluco are usually grown by planting seed tubers and then saving tubers for re-planting the following year. Start off undercover in March, plant out in May, harvest late November into December depending on weather conditions. Tubers have an earthy taste and firm texture and can be boiled or sliced and fried.

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