Welcome to Incredible Vegetables… We grow perennial vegetables

Mandy Barber and Julien Skinner of Incredible Vegetables. Two people, a field and a passion for perennial vegetables.
Perennial Vegetables are our passion! We grow perennial vegetables and unusual edible plants using organic methods in Ashburton, Devon and have set up a fledgling perennial vegetable nursery and sell our plants, tubers & seeds in our online shop.  We also carry out plant research and are members of the Guild of Oca Breeders ocabreeders.org  Mandy Barber gives talks about growing perennial vegetables and was a speaker at Toby Buckland’s Garden Festival in 2015 and at the 2016 EDIBLE GARDEN SHOW at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire and South West Permaculture Convergence in June 2017 www.permaculture.org.uk  We are members of South West Seed Savers Co-op supported by the Gaia Foundation Seed Sovereignty programme. Sign up for our Incredible Vegetables NEWSLETTER HERE

Our new documentary about perennial vegetables…The Incredible Vegetable Show

Filmed in the long hot summer of 2018 with sw1tv this half hour documentary takes you on a tour of Incredible Vegetables permaculture garden. Learn about perennial vegetables, our plant breeding projects and lots more. Includes an interview with Caroline Aitken of Whitefield Permaculture. Click on the image and video will open up in a new tab.

documentary permaculture perennial vegetables
A 30 min documentary with Mandy Barber of Incredible Vegetables filmed in her permaculture garden in Devon.

Perennial leeks for perennial geeks! Babington and Poireau perpétuel bulbils – new season stock available now

Perennial leeks
Babington and Poireau perpétuel perennial leek bulbils in stock now. Two wonderful additions to your perennial vegetable garden. Easy to grow and delicious!

Warp Factor Nine Star – engage! – Project Nine Star underway. Read more about our first venture into plant breeding

Perennial Nine Star Broccoli
Perennial Nine Star Broccoli feld trial underway with Mandy planting out the young Nine Star plants

Purple Tree Collards – read more

Purple Tree Collard
A majestic Purple Tree Collard approaching 2m tall underplanted with perennial leeks.

Get ready to sow Hablitzia – seeds available now

Hablitzia plants in pots
Sow Hablitzia outside over the winter to germinate or sow seeds and place in a plastic bag in the fridge for ten days. Once large enough, Hablitzia Tamnoides seedlings can be pricked out and raised in small pots before planting out in the spring.

Day of the triffids! A little sprinkling of rain and look what happens to Hablitzia…

Hablitzia Tamnoides
A profusion of edible tasty dark green leaves from our rampant Hablitzia plants which were grown from seed four years ago.

Skirreting times – harvesting our three year old skirret plants

Skirret three year old plants
Skirret with some good eating roots from three year old plants. Left to develop undisturbed, these skirret plants have matured nicely. You can see the offsets at the top which can be pinched off to propagate new plants.

Check out our brilliant Vegumentary…

Mandy Barber takes you on a tour of her vegetable garden and shares some of her passion for growing unusual and perennial vegetables, talking about skirrets, cardoons, chinese artichokes, Ulluco & Oca tubers, tomatillos, yard long beans and more.