A stunning winter harvest of edible tubers

Jan 5, 2015

December is an exciting time for lifting our edible tubers and discovering the buried treasure that has been busy growing under the earth. Vivid red Oca tubers, stunningly beautiful Ulluco tubers, Chinese Artichokes and Jerusalem Artichokes are a welcome harvest when there is not much else to gather in the veg patch. 

Oca, Ulluco and Chinese Artichoke are great to grow for a winter harvest

We have been growing Oca for several years now and have great success with our tubers. With the Ulluco tubers – Pica de Pulga, Purple, Ravelo Lisa (green) and also a yellow variety, we have slowly been building up our stocks and have managed to produce some very good sized Ulluco this year. Any vegetable that looks that amazing and tastes good too has got to be worth nurturing. Our Chinese artichokes are massive this year too. We love these as a fresh winter veg, tasting somewhere between a bean sprout and a water chestnut.

Brightly coloured tubers on dark earth

Oca, Ulluco, Chinese and Jerusalem Artichokes