Mandy Barber & Julien Skinner Perennial Vegetable Growing and selling perennial vegetable plants and seeds on the edge of Dartmoor
Mandy Barber & Julien Skinner – the Incredible Vegetables team!

Perennial Vegetable Growing on Dartmoor with Incredible Vegetables.

Perennial Vegetable Growing is our passion … Incredible Vegetables is an experimental vegetable growing project, a research space for useful perennial edibles and future food crops and a perennial vegetable nursery. Set up by myself and my partner Julien Skinner, we are based just outside Ashburton, Dartmoor, Devon, UK.

We grow unusual, heritage and perennial varieties of vegetables and herbs, Andean tubers and edible flowers. We have set up a polyculture growing space with lots of perennials, self sowing annuals and beneficial plants happily growing alongside each other. We are currently undertaking a perennial Nine Star Broccoli field trial and also participate in Oca breeding trials with the Guild of Oca Breeders. www.ocabreeders.org.

We are closely aligned with the charity Plants For A Future and have contributed to their next publication on Edible Shrubs. The research we are doing is absolutely essential. Mixed plantings of perennial crops and woody shrubs not only safeguard and enrich soil ecosystems, but help to draw down and store carbon from the atmosphere, a vital function to help combat climate change.

Buy perennial vegetable plants & seeds from our shop

We raise perennial vegetable plants and edible tubers for sale in our online shop. We use organic no-dig methods and permaculture principles. Some of our favourites are Skirrets, Perennial 9 Star Broccoli, Taunton Deane and Daubenton’s kale, Tree Collards, Apios Americana ( Hopniss) Walking Onions, Potato Onions, Babington’s Leeks, Chinese Artichokes, Hablitzia Tamnoides, Cardoons, Oca Tubers & more. Items are listed season by season and will appear when available. Please email us if you would like to reserve something in advance and we will notify you when it is in stock. Buying from us means you are buying directly from the growers and you are supporting a small scale sustainable business. We grow, harvest, pack and ship everything ourselves so our products come directly from our field on Dartmoor. We are aiming to provide perennial vegetables to gardeners and growers that are difficult to source in the UK and that will allow people to start off their own perennial vegetable garden. Our customers include agro-forestry projects, keen permaculturists and home gardeners. Income from our plant sales is invested in our perennial crops research, extending our perennial vegetable nursery as well as sourcing new edible perennial varieties to grow. Over time we plan to develop a diverse botanical reserve of important perennial food crops, safeguarding them for the future.

Talks & events

I also give lectures about growing perennial vegetables at permaculture and garden festivals and have been a speaker at Toby Buckland’s Garden Festival , the Edible Garden Show at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. I also give talks to small groups and have recently spoken at Transition Town Newton Abbot group and the 2017 South West permaculture convergence in Exeter. I also teach horticulture students about perennial vegetable growing with arranged site visits.

Mandy Barber Incredible Vegetables Devon