Big dreams – big tunnel

May 3, 2021

 We are going under cover!

We have just had our busiest year at Incredible vegetables, the demand for our plants and seeds over the last 12 months has sky rocketed as many people have been learning about and embracing the benefits of perennial vegetables. One thing we have struggled with ( as a small team of two) is to be able to propagate enough plants for a continuous supply all year round. Well, our dream to produce more plants and a much more diverse array of perennial edible plants has just come true!

 A huge new tunnel space for research, seed production and propagating more perennial vegetable plants

About a month ago, we secured a long term rental of a huge polytunnel close to our main site. It is going to be our undercover space to fulfil our ambitions to grow and research many more plants so that in the coming years we will be able to offer you many interesting perennial edibles. It will also be home to the Devon ‘Hopnissarium’ our Hopniss ( Apios americana) research area, with the aim of some of our collection going on to produce some true seed in their new VIP quarters.

Turkish rocket planted in the polytunnel The first of the perennial crops for seed saving – Turkish Rocket

The space does seem scarily huge, but within in a year it will be fully loaded with plants. Having some undercover space means we can produce our own seed in much better conditions. In the first year we will be growing sweet potatoes ( for true sweet potato seed) Melothria pendula, Anchote ( Coccinia abyssinica) Hopniss, Giant Korean Celery ( Dystaenia takisimana) Reichardia picroides ( a perennial alternative to lettuce) Chi-bao (Thladinathia Dubia) Aster scaber, plus a whole bunch of other things.

Mandy in the vast space of the new tunnel – give it a few months and this will be stuffed full of plants

Hopniss ( Apios amercicana) being planted out

Exciting things to come here at Incredible Vegetables, as we follow our dreams to populate the planet with perennial vegetables.