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Cook book of Faery Feasts


Incredible Vegetables is collaborating with artists Brian and Wendy Froud on a new cook book of Faery Feasts that is to be published in 2016. The book will include Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter feasts with recipes that you can make at home. It is fantastic to be collaborating with Brian on Wendy on such an amazing project. Each month I am delivering a box of produce for Wendy to conjure up seasonal recipes while Brian is busy working on vegetable faery illustrations. The book will combine Brian’s exquisite drawings and Wendy’s beautiful and other-worldly faery sculptures and we have a photo shoot planned in August where I will be photographing the figures in the veg patch for scenes in the book. Thanks for these lovely photos from Wendy – a sneak preview of what is to come…You can read more about Brian and Wendy’s work and their amazing books hereĀ

More news on the project as it unfolds,


Garlic lover
Garlic Lover, photo by Wendy Froud, produce from Incredible vegetables