Giant Tree Spinach-beautiful and edible

Oct 14, 2011

Chenopodium Giganteum or giant tree spinach is a strikingly beautiful edible spinach with dazzling magenta and green leaves which can be used to make vibrant salads.

How to Grow Giant Tree Spinach

It can be sown directly in the spring by scattering the seeds thinly. I find it is best to sow in small flurries so that you get lovely tall islands of spinach amongst your other plants that give height and colour to your vegetable garden.
The plants can grow up to 7ft tall and give a harvest throughout the summer months and into autumn before they produce silvery seed heads. You can save your own seed or allow the tree spinach to self seed and re-appear the following year. It will become an established feature of your garden year after year and is great for foraging – for adding extra salad ingredients to your staple crops.

Giant Tree Spinach Chenopodium Giganteum

Giant Tree Spinach with vivid Magenta Leaves which look fantastic in Salads

Tree Spinach Salad

Dazzling leaves of tree spinach and orache make a beautiful backdrop for summer vegetables