Polyculture in pictures…

Polyculture is part design and part letting go and allowing the plants to find their own place. A mix of gentle nurturing and naturally occurring wildness attracts all kinds of plants and creatures into your space. Below are pics of our polyculture garden, a myriad of edible perennials, self sowing annuals, herbs, wild flowers and plants for pollinators

Babington leek, rhubarb, calendula

Gladioli, perennial kale, chamomile, feverfew, skirret, dahlias.

Daubenton kale, skirret, hopniss, Good King Henry, japanese wineberry

Flowering parsnips, asparagus, cardoons

Mashua, leeks, poppies, wild flowers

Daylillies, elephant garlic, globe artichoke, sedum and hopniss

Hollyhocks, fennel, globe artichoke

Foxglove, feverfew, cornflowers, flowering parsnip

Skirret and feverfew, purple tree collard

Chives, sea kale, cardoons, flowering parsnip

Daubenton ‘Panache’ perennial kale and allium unifolium

Sedum, elephant garlic, daylillies, globe artichoke, perennial kale

Ligularia Fischeri, welsh onion and viola canadensis

Good King Henry, ugni, perennial kale, wallflower

Wild garlic, honesty, wallflowers

Sweet pea, nasturtium, hopniss, perennial kale

Lupins, daubenton kale, Hopniss

Portuguese bush cabbage, cornflowers, flowering parsnip, feverfew, rhubarb

Broad beans, flowering parsnip, apple trees

Self sown poppies

Purple tree collards intersown with poppies

Norrlands onion, sorrel, skirret, earth nut pea, feverfew

Wineberry, hopniss, Good King Henry, purple tree collards

Skirret, sunflower, cosmos

Cardoon, daylilly, banana, lovage

Yacon and mashua intertwined

Mashua trailing

Sunflower, mashua, borage, nasturtium, apple mint

Lupins, perennial kale, hopniss and asparagus

Parsley, sweet peas, perennial chicories

Rhubarb and wild flowers

Self sown poppies

Perennial alliums and kales, chamomile and purple tree collards

Pickerel weed

Thyme, skirret, feverfew, daubenton kale