Jerusalem Artichoke 'Dwarf'

Jerusalem Artichoke ‘Dwarf’ is a wonderful and unique member of the Helianthus tuberosus family. Plants grow about 50-60cm tall and tubers have a vivid red skin, creamy white flesh and delicious flavour. Most of the tubers form a nice clump and are lifted in one go, making this less invasive than a regular Jerusalem artichoke as very little left in the soil after harvest. Great for small spaces and exposed sites as they don’t need staking and don’t shade out other plants. These are definitely on our favourites list.

Jerusalem Artichoke ‘Dwarf’ is very easy to grow and can be harvested over the winter months, just lift tubers as and when needed. Plant about 10-15cm deep, 30cm apart and give them a good mulch of compost.

Supplied as a pack of three good sized tubers.

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