Skirret - Sium Sisarum


**Skirret offsets and crowns back in stock April 2020** Skirret (Sium Sisarum) a hardy perennial root vegetable crop from the family Apiaceae with a cluster of slender parsnip type roots that can be divided annually to make new plants. Roots are crunchy and can be used raw or cooked like other root vegetables and have a sweet taste something between a carrot and a parsnip with a hint of pepper. They were very popular in Tudor and Stuart periods and would have been found in the vegetable gardens of those times. They were somewhat overtaken by the potato and receded into the history books, but fortunately are enjoying a little bit of a renaissance. Easy to grow, very hardy and flowers attract beneficial insects. Can be grown from seed or from a root section (crown) or offset. Seeds are usually sown in the Spring and roots sections also planted in spring.

Our skirrets were featured on BBC Two’s Gardeners’ world with Monty Don planting them in his Tudor vegetable garden.

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Showing all 3 results