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Jerusalem Artichoke ‘Dwarf Sunray’ pack of 3 tubers


This new item will be in stock autumn 2020

Jerusalem Artichoke ‘Dwarf Sunray’ is a member of the Helianthus tuberosus family which has been attracting a lot of attention. Plants grow about 150-160cm tall and tubers have a whitish skin, creamy white flesh and delicious flavour. They have an amazing flowering habit ( they have been profusely flowering for us all through July and August) so look spectacular as well as producing a great perennial root vegetable and excellent for pollinators too. Plant’s don’t grow as tall as some varieties of Jerusalem artichoke so are a bit more sturdy in the wind. Supplied as a pack of three 3-4 cm tubers. Please see growing instructions below.

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Caring for your tubers

Jerusalem Artichoke ‘Dwarf Sunray’ tubers can be planted direct and will remain dormant in the soil until spring, or can be potted up in slightly damp compost during autumn and winter to stop them drying out until they are ready to be planted out.

How to grow

Jerusalem Artichoke ‘Dwarf Sunray’ tubers can be planted 10-15cm deep and about 30cm apart in a bed with a good mulch of compost. Plant in a sunny position, tubers will show their first shoots in spring, produce their top growth in summer and foliage will die back at first frosts in autumn.


Harvest tubers once top growth has died back in autumn. Tubers are hardy and can survive well in the ground, so you can stagger your harvest, just lifting plants as and when needed. These make a great winter staple crop.

Propagate more plants

Save some of your best tubers for re-planting. Tubers left in the ground, will -re sprout, or you can rotate to a new site. You can clear any unwanted tubers left behind by waiting for them to show their shoots and lifting them out.

How to Eat

Jerusalem Artichoke ‘Dwarf Sunray’ is delicious slow roasted in the oven, or can be made into a delicious soup.

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