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Welsh onion pack of 50 seeds


Seeds can be sown autumn, spring or summer

Welsh onion Allium fistulosum, actually comes from Asia and is also known as Japanese bunching onion, is a hardy and useful perennial onion. It is quite similar to the more common spring onion. Leaves are hollow and can be cut all year round, it does not form bulbs, but it does form clumps which can be divided easily. Seeds can be sown for most of the year in spring, summer and autumn. Full growing instructions below. 

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How to grow

Sow seeds direct about 2cm deep, or you can sow in pots and transplant out small plants once they are large enough to handle. They will happily grow in loose garden soil in sun or dappled shade and work well as part of a polyculture system nestled amongst other plants.


Harvest onion greens for most of the year by snipping off with a pair of scissors.

Propagating more plants

When your welsh onions have made a nice clump, you can carefully separate them and re-plant to form new clumps.

Cooking and eating

Use the green part as a spring onion in salads or chop and cook and add to soups and stir fries.

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