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Product Review First Tunnels mini tunnel

Mandy unpacks mini-tunnel
The exciting packages have arrived from First Tunnels

Product review mini tunnel from First Tunnels  The lovely folks at First tunnels sent us one of their not so mini – mini tunnels to test out and review. The mini tunnels are 4ft (1.22m) wide and available in three different lengths with the option of a polythene or net cover. We received the largest of the three at 4ft x 15ft (1.22 x 4.57m) and were very excited to try another of their products having had one of their larger tunnels on our site for the last 6 years. Those that have a polytunnel know, that once you have one, you always dream of more…just think of all the extra plants you can get in there! It arrived in just 3 days. Continue reading Product Review First Tunnels mini tunnel

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Tasty Tomatillos

A green tomatillo growing in the polytunnel

Tomatillos are really fun to grow as tiny yellow flowers turn into magical hanging green lanterns which eventually burst open revealing the green shiny fruits inside. They can be used for relishes, or fried with a crispy polenta coating. They are one of the main ingredients in Salsa Verde and have a sharp taste a bit like a green plum, but very refreshing. Continue reading Tasty Tomatillos