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Product Review First Tunnels mini tunnel

Mandy unpacks mini-tunnel
The exciting packages have arrived from First Tunnels

Product review mini tunnel from First Tunnels  The lovely folks at First tunnels sent us one of their not so mini – mini tunnels to test out and review. The mini tunnels are 4ft (1.22m) wide and available in three different lengths with the option of a polythene or net cover. We received the largest of the three at 4ft x 15ft (1.22 x 4.57m) and were very excited to try another of their products having had one of their larger tunnels on our site for the last 6 years. Those that have a polytunnel know, that once you have one, you always dream of more…just think of all the extra plants you can get in there! It arrived in just 3 days. Continue reading Product Review First Tunnels mini tunnel